Email Campaign Setup Mailchimp Account Integrated on Website



This is a one-time business investment. A great and most needed service to have on your website especially if you are a blogger and need to attain an email contact list for newsletters, emails, sales funnels, and much more!

This is a one-time business investment. We will create your account for you with Mailchimp or you are welcome to do it yourself if you choose to do it yourself we will need both your user name and password to set up and initiate your email subscriber list on your website. If you choose to allow us to set up and initiate your Mailchimp account you will obtain full ownership of your Mailchimp account and you then can change your security preferences.

We will work with any website as long as it is built on WordPress. We will need login access as an admin to set this up for you. We will do the heavy work while you keep getting new subscribers!

Thank you for choosing Blessed Websites to help get you ahead on the web!

We provide the plugins and the setup of Mailchimp for you and give you full access once the service is complete. Completion time is within 24hrs after purchase