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Blessed Websites, is a team of skilled web designers and advertisers. We specialize daily in bringing to life small to large businesses online. We help build websites and optimize current websites. We love what we do and we love each of our clients and community.

Blessed Websites, is a family owned and Christian operated company located in Southern California. Our office location is in the County of San Bernardino, in a small town just above the valleys called Yucaipa.

Each new day we meet new people and build a relationship with them and learn more about their business. We help build websites, get them found locally on Google Placement, and even help them on the Search Engine Optimization for their current website and include it on their new website.

We build mobile friendly, desktop friendly, and tablet friendly websites that are easy to use once complete. We love working hand in hand with all of our clients. Building an e-Commerce website isn’t as easy as some companies make it out to be, so this is why our business was created “to help you get started”.  We do not charge monthly fees and are here to get you started! We offer free hosting with all of our packages and bill annually after the first free year just $100.00 for hosting. No hidden costs,No monthly fees, or contracts. We are Blessed Websites! We build and optimize your website for you and from there we even tutor you.

Beautiful websites.

Creative design and functionality built by our team. Optimizing each clients market to it’s fullest potential!

$10.00 domain name

Every website package needs a domain (.com, net, .us or .org) name of choice. You own it. (optional).

Free Hosting

Hosting is needed for every domain name. We include top-tier hosting free your 1st year. After 1st $100.00 per yr

You own everything

You own your domain and website, We give you full admin access to your website so that you are able to make any changes nessary after we build you your website for you.

Free S.E.O

Search Engine Optimization is included free on the front page of your website. If you would like to have the additional 4-pages have SEO on them additional $125 is needed.

We Love Working With Businesses Of All Sizes

Creative design and functionality built by our team. Optimizing each clients market to it’s fullest potential!


Small Businesses







Take the next step in expanding your business and  business opportunities by allowing a professional to handle your website, domain and server needs. Here at Blessed Websites, we manage everything for you while you take care of what you do best by maintaining your business. We let you do your work while we do ours. Professionalism at its finest!

Build to influence


SEO Included

We include Relative Keywords (SEO, Search Engine Optimazation) on your front page at no additional cost as part of a website package. We feel, here at Blessed Websites, that each website needs SEO and it is only right to inlcude it at no additonal cost. Start today gaining a relationship online with Google and your consumers!


FREE Hosting

Blessedwebsites blesses the community by offering FREE hosting for it’s first full year. $99 annually per year after. This price is $50 cheaper than ANY hosting provider on the market.

Custom CSS

Whether you need a basic site or a coded site we got you covered. Don’t worry anymore on how to get a certain project done when partnered up with Blessedwebsites



No Contracts

No per month payments only a one-time payment. No transfer fees. All websites are completed within 3-5 business days.

Mobile & Desktop

Every website is up to mobile viewing standards and desktop standards as well as tablets. We are always keeping up with technology and being innovative. Have a project idea? Ask a specialist today for help. We are always kind and willing


Your website will be customized for you, and/or your business. Here at Blessedwebsites we personalize each new site for each new client. Be blessed!

Always know what you’ll pay.


FREE Hosting
unlimited users
No Contract!

You Own Everything


Up to 50 items
FREE Hosting
No Contract!

You Own Everything

Google my business

FREE S.E.O Included
Featured on Google Local
Google+ Page Business Created

You Own Everything


Send us an email using the form below, or feel free to give us a ring!  (800) 959-4203

James Fox
Director of talent
Web Design
Blessed Websites
p:(800) 959-4203  m: (909) 334-2454
 Yucaipa, Ca. 92399
w:www.BlessedWebsites.com  e: James@blessedwebsites.com
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